Monday, October 16, 2017

LOVE MUSIC? Become a reviewer scout Want to make a little extra money online? Check out this site

Hard to find FUN sites to use online for a little extra income?

Love to listen to all kinds of Music and Critique it? Write a thoughtful review and rate song from 1 - 10. You may give artists suggestions how to improve the song.

Slice the Pie helps musicians test their New songs
You can help and get paid

This site has good reviews online and is super simple to use. 
A lot of FUN if you love music and want to help musicians. 

You also can refer others to get a small commission on their work too. Starts out low pay but as you do more, you get a better rating. Then you get raises for reviews. Just fun thing to do for a little while whenever you like. No time schedule but please keep active to keep account open.

Payment is by PAYPAL AFTER You earn at least just $10.00.
You will need a Paypal account.

Please Use my link to refer you to join: 


Once in awhile there are no songs to review as it is a popular site. Just wait an hour and come back and normally there are plenty more.

There are many Youtube videos to show you in a couple minutes how to use the site super simple. Also sites in  Google to suggest music terms to use in and improve your reviews.

This is just extra income not a full time online job. 
The more you review you will receive more star ratings and earn more per review.


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